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High Frequency Current Transformer Clamps Model: HFCT-20HD & HFCT-60HD

The HFCT-20HD™ and HFCT-60HD™ are high frequency current transformer sensors designed for partial discharge detection on electric apparatus’ ground returns. Made from superior quality materials, it is designed for any environment.


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• Measurement on power cable shields
• Measurement on ground connections:
• Lightning arresters
• Current and Voltage transformers
• High power motors, alternators and power transformers


Overtime, internal electrical equipment’s insulation degrades which leads to possibility of faults. To prevent such situation, the HFCTTM clamps are used to measure partial discharge activity on ground returns connections. Two models are available for the user’s convenience, 20mm and 60mm.
The HFCTTM clamps allow current measurement up to a frequency of 80MHz. Their chassis are made of high quality aluminum, offering an excellent sturdiness to abrasion and mechanical impacts making it the ideal tool for on-site applications.
Its exclusive internal design provides an exceptional shielding to high frequency interferences from nearby electrical fields.
These sensors are ideal for partial discharge measurements on ground returns of shielded cables. When used with portable partial discharge detection instruments, they allows knowing insulation integrity thus avoiding costly faults.

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