Arizona Integrated Technology, Inc.


Learning our product features and specifications of electrical materials, lightning arresters, geared motors, surge suppressors, wires and cables, and more.
pole line materials


Arizona Integrated Technology, Inc. provides an array of products for pole line hardware including a full line of eyebolts for use in hotline clamps.

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wires and cables

Wires and Cables

Arizona Integrated Technology, Inc. offers building wires, power cables, magnet wires (copper and aluminum wires), and telecom cables.

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circuit breaker

Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is an automatically-operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or a short circuit.

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wiring devices

Our Electrical Products

As a trusted electrical supply store in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, Arizona Integrated Technology, Inc. is your go-to store for any and all electrical needs.

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