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High Precision Digital 10A Micro-ohmmeter Model: LRM-10

The LRM-10™ is a lightweight and portable micro-ohmmeter designed to measure very low resistances from 0.01 μΩ to 200 Ω. It is the most accurate in its category.


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• Much lighter and handier than other equip- ment in its category
• Shock resistant, it is suitable for all types of applications: work site or laboratory
• The LCD display is equipped with a backlight to allow work in any conditions
• Weak current injection for applications that require small measurement contacts
• Many accessories are available for your ap- plication such as exothermic welding (Cad- weld®), measurements on very small sur- faces

• Circuit breakers contact resistance
• Battery strap connection resistance
• Switches contacts resistance
• Tap Changer contact resistance
• Cable/Bus bar inspection
• Power fuses inspection
• Ground bonding inspection
• Electrical sockets resistance
• Lightning rod integrity
• Railway bond resistance

• Uses the four point measuring method
• Automatic current adjustment from 5mA to 10A
• Automatic stop mechanism of the instrument after 2 min. in idle mode
• Automatic stop mechanism of the backlighting system after 30 sec
• The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) displays the results in letters that are easy to read
• A set of standard connecting cables with alligator clips comes with the instrument

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