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Distribution transformer tester Model: DOC-2000

The DOC-2000™ is a test instrument designed for distribution networks transformers up to 167KVA. It can determine the presence of short circuits or an open circuit in the distribution transformer primary winding & also short circuits on the secondary winding. The DOC-2000™ is designed to be operated from an arial device or from the ground at the end of a hot stick without disconnecting the transformer’s secondary windings.


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• No need for disconnecting transformer secondary windings therefore saving time
• Reduces risks of hazards when putting fuses back online when the transformer windings are shorted
• Conformity with the requirements for safety (IEC-TC78 )

• Transformers up to 167 KVA single or three phase (Pole mount or Pad mount)
• Measurement by contact on the transformer primary bushing and neutral/ground
• Used on de-energized transformers
• Detects primary transformer short-circuit, open circuit, & secondary short circuits
• Visual and audible warning.
• Automatic self-test & Auto shut-off
• Low battery indicator
• Operating temperature range -25°C to 55°C

Supported transformers: up to 167 KVA single or three phase
Probe: Hook type probe and pin type probe
Operating temparature: -25°C to 55°C (-13°F to 131°F)
Indications: audible and visual
Power supply: Battery operated, PP3 9V
Approvals: IEC-TC78

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