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Automatic Current Transformer Tester Model: CTT series

The CTT™ instrument allows testing ratio, phase shift, polarity, saturation, win­ding resistance and insulation resistance on protection class current transformers (CT) using the voltage method in compliance with ANSI/IEEE C57.13.1 & IEC 60044-1 standards. Two models are available: CTTx2 for 2 tap transformers, and CTTx5 for 5 tap transformers.


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• High resolution color display allows operator to create and save repeatable test plans.
• All tests are performed in automatic sequence without the need for operator intervention.
• Rugged design to meet the most demanding field testing environments.
• Large internal memory (200 testing files where each can have of up to 10 excitation curves & 140 Test plans files).
• All CTTM nameplate and equipment details are stored with the test result file.
• Built-in thermal Printer.
• Full QWERTY keyboard for easy on site data entry.
• 2000 VAC saturation test voltage with knee point
voltage markers (ANSI 10/50 , IEC 60044, IEEE
30 & IEEE45).
• Fast full testing operation. Manual mode is available
for trouble shooting and special diagnostic testing.
• Burden mode makes it possible to analyze the secondary
circuit connected to the CTTM.
• Easy setup of test plans are created on the instrument.
Convenient integrated test leads storage compartment. Automatic test report creation.
User selectable time duration for insulation resistance test (10 to 60 Sec).
Automatic demagnetization sequence.
• CTTx2 and CTTx5 can also tests non-capacitive type VT’s.

• High resolution color display
• All tests are performed in automatic sequence
• Rugged design to meet the most demanding field testing environments
• Large internal memory
• Full QWERTY keypad for easy data entry

• X test leads (20ft / 6m)
• H test leads (35ft / 10m)
• Burden test leads (18ft / 5m)
• Ground lead (15ft / 4.5m)
• Main input power cord
• Serial communication cable
• USB communication cable
• Spare rolls of printer paper
• CD with Report Manager software
• User manual

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