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Online Partial Discharge Detector for Overhead Accessories Model : PD-LT

Insulation faults are an important factor in degra- dation and reduction of the lifetime of a medium voltage component. This translates into raised exploitation costs and questionable reliability, while economic performance and reliability are key criteria in the evaluation of an electricity sup- plier. It is important that an electric utility have a widespread, quick and efficient tool to check for quality and health of its electrical network.
The market’s demands on electric utilities neces- sarily transfer to their subcontractors, who must comply with higher quality requirements for their work. works, allowing quality attractive
Like the electric utility for which he the subcontractor that has tools him to monitor and to certify the of his job will become an and reliable choice.


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• Easy and safe to use with a hotstick
• Compact, lightweight and battery powered for maximum flexibility
• High sensitivity capacitive sensor with wire- less measurement readings
• Intuitive application for data analysis

The display module retreives test data from the measurement module, thanks to its low interference Bluetooth communication link. The application al- lows for graphical & column representation, reading comparison, automatic differencial results, setting customization and more.
Its ruggued and watertight design is perfect for harsh environments (IP-67) and field tasks.

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