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MCG Surge Arrester AC Protection Service Entrance SPD – SF 300LS Series

Service Entrance Protection The 300LS series offer robust protection at the entrance of the large facilities. The 300LS has an Ipeak of 300,000A/phase(8x20microsecond waveform). Seven times redundant protection paths/phase ensures continuous protection, even in an unlikely fault situation. Twenty-year, no-nonsense warranty; free protection modulesfor life.Seriesfeatures mix and match optionsfor a customized protector at stock prices.


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Lightning and power surges can seriously damage or disrupt operations in hospitals, financial institutions, military installations and other mission critical activities. MCG Surge Protection’s attention to design and manufacturing offers extraordinary surge current diversion capability, reliably protecting sensitive systems from damaging transients, downtime, and its associated financial and labor costs.

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