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Lightning protection LLPD d45z

LLPD d45z

This device is there to protect important networks from direct lightning strikes and back flashovers. Indented to be installed along the protected line, it works perfectly on distribution (sub-transmission) lines with the highest voltage of equipment up to 52 kV.

Operational principle

This product operates on the basis of EasyQuench technology.

d45z can easily be adapted to poles/towers of totally different configuration. This is possible due to various installation options.

  • Highest voltage  for equipment, 52 kV
  • Protects from Direct Lightning Strike
  • Protects from Back Flashover
  • No maintenance is required



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Parameters of product

Electrical line parameters

Highest voltage for equipment*, kV 52
Maximum prospective fault current, kA 5
External air gap, mm 80+80
50% flashover voltage, kV 260
Power frequency withstand voltage**,  kV (wet/dry) 95/110

Lightning parameters

    Lightning discharge capability  (200 μs)***, C 2.8
     High current impulse (4/10 μs), kA 65
     Maximum quenching lightning current,  kA 20  (8/50µs)
     Minimum withstand amount of operations 10


General Parameters

Additional power losses on the line, % 0
Average expected lifespan, years 30
 UV resistance****, h 1000
 Weight, kg 7
  Maintenance 1 visual verification/  year
  • Protection againstDLS, BFO
  • Highest voltage for equipment, kV52
  • Maximum prospective fault current, kA5.0
  • Lightning discharge capability, C2.8
  • Installation1, 2 or 3 pcs per pole