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Lightning Protection LLPD dM35z

Streamer Electric AG offers the best lightning protection solutions for overhead power lines and other components of electrical supply networks. Cost-effective solutions keep the security of both equipment and human health.

The importance of safety control

Natural phenomena may cause truly disastrous problems when there is no effective defense.
Electrical installations are subjected to damages by lightning. Direct strikes and induced overvoltages are able to do harm to the expensive assets at the substation, as well as to conductors and insulators.
Power distribution lines provide us with the electricity ― these are the real veins of our modern life. No wonder that every outage has a potential to become a serious issue, influencing the capacity of work and functionality in general.
Direct strikes are even more dangerous compared to induced overvoltages. They may easily lead to a conflagration, which eventually will bring considerable economical losses and the mortal threat to people.
The installation of advanced lightning protection eliminates the danger of such disasters, reducing the cost or repair operations and other expenses.

LLPD dM35z

This device is designed to protect power supply networks from the consequences of either direct lightning strikes or induced overvoltages. Indented to be installed along the protected line, it works perfectly on distribution lines with the highest voltage of equipment up to 40.5 kV.

Line lightning protection device dM35z has successfully passed different tests in a number of laboratories, including a full series of test at CESI (Milano) in 2019, which confirms its ultimate reliability. It also enables the expected life time to be up to decades.

Operational principle

This product operates on the basis of EasyQuench technology.

dM35z can easily be adapted to any cross-arm or pole configuration. This is possible due to different attaching solutions and accessories available.

  • Highest voltage for equipment, 40.5 kV
  • Protects from Direct Lightning Strike
  • Protects from  Back Flashover
  • No maintenance is required
  • Protection againstDLS, BFO
  • Maximum prospective fault current, kA5.0
  • Lightning discharge capability, C2.8
  • Installation1, 2 or 3 pcs per pole



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Parameters of product

Electrical line parameters

Highest voltage for equipment*, kV 52
Maximum prospective fault current, kA 5
External air gap, mm 80+80
50% flashover voltage, kV 260
Power frequency withstand voltage**,  kV (wet/dry) 95/110

Lightning parameters

    Lightning discharge capability  (200 μs)***, C 2.8
     High current impulse (4/10 μs), kA 65
     Maximum quenching lightning current,  kA 20  (8/50µs)
     Minimum withstand amount of operations 10


General Parameters

Additional power losses on the line, % 0
Average expected lifespan, years 30
 UV resistance****, h 1000
 Weight, kg 7
  Maintenance 1 visual verification/  year