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Duval Messien ESE Lightning Protection Solution Model: Satelit+ G2 4500

Duval Messien Satelit+ G2 ESE lightning Arrester
Base from NFC 17 102 French Standard
Protection Level 4
Radius of Protection: 89 Meters
Excitation advance time(ΔT) 45µs


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Your solution against lightning
SatelitTM+G2, second generation of Satelit+ Early Streamer
Emission range, offers by the structure of its optimized electrical
circuits and the use of specific components developed by our
engineers, improved performances of impulsional capacity of
ionization whose efficiency and reliability are proven with tests of
compliance with NFC 17 102 standard done by independent
laboratories in France and abroad.
For professional and simple uses, the correct working of the
SatelitTM+G2 can be checked with its specific tester.

Certified lightning rods
The products of SatelitTM+G2 range have been tested at the test
Center of Bazet (independent laboratory in France), certified
COFRAC as well as Beijing laboratory (China). The tests done
according to the NFC 17- 102 standard (September 2011) confirm
the SatelitTM+G2 performances.
The range SatelitTM+G2 obtained also certifications for corrosion
resistance (environmental test) and lightning current test (100 kA).

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