Arizona Integrated Technology, Inc.

Lightning protection LLPD d24z

  • Highest voltage  for equipment, 24 kV
  • Protects from Direct Lightning Strike
  • Protects from Induced Overvoltage
  • Protects from Back Flashover
  • No maintenance is required



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Parameters of product

Electrical line parameters

Highest voltage for equipment*, kV 24
Maximum prospective fault current, kA 5
External air gap, mm 60-80
50% flashover voltage, kV 140
Power frequency withstand voltage**,  kV (wet/dry) 40/50

Lightning parameters

    Lightning discharge capability  (200 μs)***, C 2.8
     High current impulse (4/10 μs), kA 65
     Maximum quenching lightning current,  kA 20  (8/50µs)
     Minimum withstand amount of operations 10


General Parameters

Additional power losses on the line, % 0
Average expected lifespan, years 30
 UV resistance****, h 1000
 Weight, kg 2.8
  Maintenance 1 visual verification/year
  • Protection againstDLS, BFO
  • Highest voltage for equipment, kV24
  • Maximum prospective fault current, kA5.0
  • Lightning discharge capability, C2.8
  • Installation1, 2 or 3 pcs per pole