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WATT Drive EUSAS Induction Motor

WATT Drive EUSAS Induction Motor

WATT standard motors adhere to the following IEC standards:

Type WAG model B3 – (IEC – standard 72-1 DIN 42673)

Type WAF model B5 – (IEC – standard 72-2 DIN 42677)

Type WAC model B14 – (IEC – standard 72-2 DIN 42677)

The options in the motor system are also available in Watt norm motors.

Technical Data
Possible number of poles:
2-, 4-, 6-pole

IEC size:63 – 315
Performance area 2-pole:0.18 – 200kW
Performance area 4-pole:0.12 – 200kW
Performance area 6-pole:0.09 – 132kW



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WATT Drive EUSAS Induction Motor

Power Rating: 0.12kw- 200kw
Poles: 2, 4, 6
IEC Size: 63-315
Type WAG model B3 – Foot Mounted
Type WAF model B5 – Flange Mounted
Efficiency class- IE1,IE2,IE3 ”

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