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THW Stranded Wire Per Meter 2.0mm2 to 500mm2




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Product File Name Product Description More Info
2.0mm2 THW 14/7 AWG 150 mtrs/roll
3.5mm2 THW 12/7 AWG 150 mtrs/roll
5.5mm2 THW 10/7 AWG 150 mtrs/roll
8 mm2 THW 8/7   AWG 150 mtrs/roll
14mm2 THW 6/7   AWG 150 meters/roll
22mm2 THW 4/7   AWG 150 meters/roll
30mm2 THW 2/7   AWG 150 meters/roll
 38mm2 THW 1     AWG Per meter
 50mm2 THW 1/0  AWG Per meter
 60mm2 THW 2/0  AWG Per meter
 80mm2 THW 3/0  AWG Per meter
100mm2 THW 4/0   AWG Per meter
125mm2 THW 250 MCM AWG Per meter
150mm2THW 300 MCM AWG Per meter
175mm2 THW 350 MCM AWG Per meter
200mm2 THW 400 MCM AWG Per meter
250mm2 THW 500 MCM AWG Per meter
300mm2 THW 600 MCM AWG Per meter
325mm2 THW 650 MCM AWG Per meter
380mm2 THW 750 MCM AWG Per meter
400mm2 THW 800 MCM AWG Per meter
500mm2 THW 1000 MCM AWG Per meter
Available Sizes

2.0mm2 (14/7), 3.5mm2 (12/7), 5.5mm2 (10/7), 8.0mm2 (8/7), 14mm2 (6/7), 22mm2 (4/7), 30mm2 (2/7), 38mm2 (#1), 50mm2 (1/0), 60mm2 (2/0), 80mm2 (3/0), 100mm2 (4/0), 125mm2 (250mcm), 150mm2 (300mcm), 175mm2 (350mcm), 200mm2 (400mcm), 250mm2 (500mcm), 300mm2 (600mcm), 325mm2 (650mcm), 380mm2 (750mcm), 400mm2 (800mcm), 500mm2 (1000mcm)


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