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Power Relay SZR-LY2-S-N1-DC24V

Technical Specifications

Current Rating 10 A
Contact(s) DPDT
Terminal Solder/Plug-In
Options LED Indicator
Resistive Load 110 V, 10 A
Inductive Load 110 V, 7.5 A
Switching (Resistive Load) 1100 VA
Switching (Inductive Load) 825 VA
Contact Rating 250 Vac
Coil Input Voltage 220 Vac
Rated Current at 50 Hz 6.2 mA/6.8 mA
Rated Current at 60 Hz 5.3 mA/5.8 mA
Coil Resistance 12,950 ohms
Power Consumption 0.9 W to 1.1 W
Dropout Voltage (% of Rated Voltage) 30 % min.
Pick-Up Voltage (Must Operate) 80 % max. of the Rated Coil Voltage
Voltage 110 % of the rated coil voltage
Operating Voltage 80 % of the rated coil voltage
Operate Time 25 ms max.
Release Time 25 ms. max
Ambient Temperature -25 °C to 70 °C [-13 °F to 158 °F]
Ambient Humidity 45 % RH to 85 % RH
Contact Material Silver Cadium Oxide
Contact Resistance 50 mOhm max.
Operating Frequency (Mechanical) 18,000 Operations/Hour
Operating Frequency (Electrical) 1800 Operations/Hour
Vibration Resistance 10 Hz to 55 Hz at Double Amplitude of 1.0 mm
Shock Resistance 1000 m/s2 (Approx. 100 G)
Weight 35 g [1.24 oz]
Agency Approvals and Standards UL, CE
UL File # E#150950
Expected Mechanical Life ac – 50 Million Operations min.
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SZR-LY General Purpose Relay: LED Indicator; Plug-in/Solder Terminal; DPDT; 220 Vac.
SZR MY and LY Series general-purpose power relays are designed for a wide range of applications including power as well as logic control for factory machines and control panels.

Product Features

– A wide range of applications from power to sequence control
– Designed small, two-pole type breaks 10 A load
– Silver Cadium Oxide contact
– High dielectric strength (1,800 Vac)
– High reliability and long life
– Ultra-high sensitivity with quick response time
– High vibration and shock resistance
– Contains LED for output indicator
– UL, CE approved


– Control panels
– Elevator panels
– Machine tools
– Test equipment