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Haiwell A Series Card Type PLC Modules

Haiwell A Series Card Type PLC Modules

● Support Ethernet + RS485 + 3 RS232/RS485 communication ports to work at the same time, strong communication networking capabilities.
● Supports 2 channels A/B phase (4 points) 200 kHz high-speed pulse input and output.
● Support linear interpolation, ARC interpolation, original point return, backlash compensation, electric original point redefine.



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Haiwell A Series Card Type PLC Modules

Haiwell A seires Card-type PLC Features
● HaiwellHappy programming software
● Ultra-thin design, humanized peripheral port design, saving installation space
● Single Machine integrated digital & analog IO, small size, large application
● Support Haiwell Cloud, remotely program and monitor the PLC through Haiwell Cloud
● Single machine can expand up to 15 modules, maximum expansion I/O up to 256 points


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