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Elspec Fixed Type 3 Phase Power Quality Meter Model: G4430

G4430 3 Phase Power Quality Meter 16GB Internal Memory 1 Year Continiuos Recording



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A comprehensive energy management and power monitoring program is the key to success for any energy provider/consumer, regardless their size. The G4430, the most advanced power meter in the market today, is equipped with the revolutionary PQZIP patent algorithm for continuous waveform recording. It enables you to predict, prevent and troubleshoot an incidence easily, without the need to set any trigger or threshold in order to capture specific event.


    • Utilities (Transmission, distribution, generation)
    • Optimizes protective equipment configuration and substation automation solutions
    • Ensures a reliable & consistent supply of energy
    • Evaluates the performance of breakers and relays
    • Identifies and manage peak demand
    • Real time power quality monitoring to meet any international standard
    • Produces detailed & comprehensive statistical records
    • Energy Consumer (Critical power, industrial, commercial, government etc.)
    • Measures & analyzes system efficiency, provides solutions and increases profits
    • Negotiating capabilities with power providers
    • Detect electric bill inconsistencies
    • Avoid PQ compliance issues
    • Real time PQ monitoring and analysis

Waveform & Fault Recorder

  • Continuously samples and records waveform signals at 1,024 sample/cycle
  • Threshold free setup
  • Waveform capture of up-to 8kVPk

High End Power Quality and billing measurement

Thousands of power quality and energy usage parameters are available in real time in the G4430. The G4430 provides advanced power disturbance recordings
meeting the highest standards on the market. The meter is designed with the most accurate level in order to be used as a primary meter, a sub-meter, as a detector of inconsistencies in electricity bills.

Harmonics Recording

The BLACKBOX is equipped with two FFT engines for harmonics analysis:

  • Cycle by Cycle: performs FFT at 1 cycle resolution for extended bandwidth. This engine provides 512 harmonics component at 50/60Hz resolution.
  • 10/12 Cycles: performs FFT at 10/12 cycles resolution for an extended resolution and a sub-grouping calculation. This engine provides the amplitude and angle of 512 harmonic components at a 5Hz resolution.

Accuracy standards

The G4430 superior accuracy surpasses by far, the highest standards set by the industry. The G4430 compiles with standard for:

  • Power Quality
    • IEC 61000-4-30 Class A
    • IEC 61000-4-15 Flicker meter
    • IEC 61000-4-7 Harmonics and inter-harmonics
  •  Energy
    • ANSI C12.20 0.2%
    • IEC 62053-22/23 class 0.2