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3 Phase PureBB – Handheld Power Quality Analyzer

Configuration Free power quality analyzer certified to IEC 61000-4-30 Class A 3rd edition.



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The Pure BlackBox, an advanced handheld power quality analyzer embedded with PQZIP Technology, is an easy to use plug and play device that continuously records all power quality parameters without thresholds settings or recording configuration.


  • Continuous Waveform recording at 256 Sample/Cycle
  • Class A devices IEC30-4-61000
  • Configuration FREE Device
  • Fast USB connectivity to PC
  • SD card slot hot swap
  • Optional battery bank and
  • communication extension for remote data collection over LAN network, wireless Wi-Fi or cellular communication
  • IP40 for rugged environments
  • Lightweight, hand-held portable PQ recorder
  • Easy to use
  • Two- sided mounting clip for convenient installation of a din rail, magnet or nail mounting.

Continuous Waveform Recording

The BlackBox Pure continuously records voltage and current waveform sampled at a rate of 256 Sample/Cycle at 50/60Hz, which provides information at a very high resolution, enabling to detect and analyze the slightest change.

High Resolution Recording

More than 5,000 power quality parameters such as RMS, THD, powers, power factor, unbalance and harmonics are logged continuously for more than a year at ½ cycle, 10/12 Cycles, 150/180 Cycles, and 2 hours resolution.

Harmonics Measurements

The BlackBox Pure records and store 128 harmonics
components at 50Hz resolution and 512 inter-harmonics
components at 5Hz resolution for both voltage and